LBH 1790 | Computer-controlled high-speed button holing machine

JUKI's computer-controlled high- speed button holing machine offers in-creased flexibility with as many as 30 different stitch patterns for button holing. All kind of data can be entered or selec- ted from the operation panel. The dry-head technology requires no lubrication except for the hook section.  

Important features are the electronic-tension con- trol, new  frame for  vertical or horizontal  button holes, programmable work clamp, foot lift with maximum lift of 17 mm, electronically controlled drive  mechanism with compact  direct drive AC-servomotor and stepmotor for cloth feed, needle throw, thread trimmer and presser bar lifter. Sewing speed max. 4.200 rpm, button hole length max. 41 mm, with special specification up to 120 mm. Busche supplies the machine with ad-justable special table for vertical and horizontal button holes.